Warmers, Fillers and Coolers

During the day you will be presented with activities that can be used to add colour and variation to your teaching. We will be discussing the importance of stimulating your pupils’ language and learning needs, through the integration of short and spontaneous games.




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As teachers, we know that every lesson should start with a warm-up exercise; a short task or game to bring the attention of the pupils into the English classroom. But how often do you wish that

in the middle of your lesson, you just had some small, spontaneous activity, that could reignite the pupils' interest and get them fired up for the rest of the lesson? Or at the end of the lesson, some

relaxing language game to reflect on the day's work, to calmly send the pupils to their next lesson, instead of shooting 26 manic kids out of the classroom?

'Warmers, Fillers and Coolers' is designed to fill up your English teaching backpack with simple and effective games, tasks and activities that can be used and adapted for different topics within your language teaching.

During the day we will be trying out activities to stimulate the different language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), combining them with the four learning styles (auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic) to reach as many children as possible.

If you would like to fill up your teaching backpack with stimulating ideas for your classroom, then join us for an energizing day, full of fun, discussion and hands-on activities.

English is spoken throughout the course.
Bring computer or iPad.


English teachers teaching 4th to 6th year pupils


Sarah Nakel - English Teacher and English Advisor


Sprog: Engelsk